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We are always at your disposal, whenever you need us. Though we have tried our best to ensure transparency in all our modules and services, yet if you find something that we have not been able to make comprehensible enough, you can approach us with that, and we will get back to you with our guidance instantaneously. Also, we look forward to your comments/feedback about our services to help us come to terms with the shortcomings that might have escaped our notice, and ultimately to refine our services for you.

Mr. A.S. Bal (Proprietor) , B.Sc Non Medical, MBA. (abal@metfab.in )

Mr. Amarpreet Bal (CEO-Manufactering) , B.E. Mech, M.E. Project Management and Engineering Management (RMIT, Australia ) 

Mr. Amandeep Bal (CEO-Trading), B.E. Comp. Sc. (amanbal@metfab.in

Metfab Technologies
# 246, Industrial Area, Phase I,
Chandigarh-160 002 (INDIA)
Phones: 91-172- 2650567/ 2650475/ 5541096
Fax: 91-172-5077229
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